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Teamspeak Server Details


Teamspeak 3 server

Password: fist

Download the client here

Once you are a member of fist, give me a shout and Ill update your server group from guest to member. Lets you join without needing a password, can create channels and some other things.

OH i cannot wait to jump back on ts!!!

Make sure you are subscribed to all channels on the server, so that you can see into them from the lobby. To do so, follow the simple steps below.

1) click the subscribe mode button on the top menu (highlighted in red in the screenshot)

2) now that you are subscribed to all channels, there should be a tick on the icon to the left of the channel name (highlighted red in the screenshot)

Hi guys a very long time no see, you lot are a bloody hard group to track down, I can't seem to connect to to. It keeps saying that the password is wrong any ideas?..



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